dj clips
wip 2016-today
roles: code, art, design
lang: ruby
project site
Dj Clips Ultimate Pipe Dream is my current longterm project, a jrpg about an esoteric musician dealing with a cursed talking hat.
Yard Tale
march - may 2018
roles: UI design, npc dialogue,
presskit-site, trailer
lang: c# (unity3d)
project site

Yard Tale is the seminal release of Froiktown collective, a fun and quirky game about using magic to help make sales at a local yard sale.
Cryptid Low-cation
July 2018
roles: code, netcode, art, design
langs: c#(unity3d) php mysql
project site
Cryptid Low-cation is a Froiktown gamejam release, a sort of prototype monster generator / mmo. Creatures made by players are uploaded online when created and players can meet and greet with each other's cryptids. This was a test to see how simple it would be to create simple online functionality in a Unity project.
Lovely Gwepos
June 2018
roles: code, art, design
lang: c# (unity3d)
project site
Lovely Gwepos is a gamejam project about a multilayered virtual pet purgatory. Put together in about a week as my first deep dive into Unity.
summer 2018
roles: everything
lang: python
project site
@wavy_bgs is a twitter bot written with pygame that generates and tweets out animated gifs reminiscant of battle backgrounds from earthbound